The Importance of a Proper Domain, Quality Web Hosting, and Auto-Responders for You and Your Business

Every online business of every niche requires at least 3 things among many: a domain name, website hosting, and properly configured auto-responders. You cannot do away without any of those for the following reasons.

Domain Name

Just like all websites, both for commercial and non-commercial purposes, their domain names are their identities on the Internet. When you are building an online business, your domain name represents what the business is all about and the goods or services you offer. Having your own domain helps establish your presence on the Internet as professional legitimate business everybody can trust. Of course there are free services available for you to use such as,, and to name a few, but they are never intended for professional usage.

On top of that, free services come with too many limitations, preventing you from modifying the website as you like according to your business plans. Even free email services for examples AOL, Outlook, and Yahoo! may give the impression to the customers that you are not serious about your business because you are too reluctant to afford professional services. Once you choose and purchase a domain name, it is yours only. No one else is using the same name, hence a sense of originality and uniqueness.

Web Hosting

Business website does not come free. In order to monetize the websites (or perform professional business conducts on the websites), you cannot use free hosting service. Similar to free domain, a free hosting does have limitations; one of the most prominent is that you cannot use the website for commercial purpose. You cannot even display ads on it. By purchasing a web hosting service, it means you have your own territory on the Internet. It is like having a physical building to sell goods and services. Web hosting services come in many different packages and are available from various companies. The benefit of using quality web hosting includes:

  • Zero downtime: good hosting company makes sure that the service (and your website) is running 24/7. One of the main purposes of the website is to provide continuous service for potential customers regardless of time of day and date.
  • Security: while there is no perfect solution to prevent malware attacks, at least good web hosting company implements proven-effective methods to minimize the risk.
  • Speed: quality web hosting company makes sure your customers can access the website pretty much instantly regardless of the amount of traffic.

Another important point is that quality hosting helps you scale the business in more manageable way. As the business grows and you must handle enormous traffic, the company can offer easy upgrade without downtime.


Email marketing may appear to be a little outdated nowadays, but it does not mean that it is no longer effective. An indispensable part of any business website is contact form or inquiry page. Since it is almost impossible to answer all questions immediately, an auto-responder is crucial. It is an automatic response triggered by any inquiry or subscription, allowing you to at least tell your customers that you are ready to give detailed answers or provide more comprehensive feedback anytime soon. The content of an auto-responder is customizable, so you can write a general message to address every inquiry in appropriate manner.


Domain name and hosting are the backbone of a website; there is no way you can build an online business without them. On the other hand, in theory auto-responder is optional, but it does not weaken its role as marketing weapon for business. An Auto-responder allow you to build your list, your one of the most important asset in your online business.

While it does cost money to purchase unique-sounding original domain name, this is the name that you will use as business identity among thousands of competitors. It is a wise business move that you get the best from the start rather than changing for a better domain name in the future; changing domain name is not impossible indeed, but there is serious consequence concerning your brand awareness.

Hosting service and auto-responder are more flexible in the sense that you can upgrade or modify them as the business grows in later date.

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