Why building your list is crucial for your online business?



Every single online business needs a list, if you have not got a list then you will get no sales, it is as simple as that.

So many people get into online marketing but after a few months of sweat and blood they simply pull the plug and just give up.

The reason for this is that they forgot the most important asset that they can have online is their email list.

Email is king. It is, hands down, one of the best way to build an engaged audience, sell a product, or create excitement around your next big project. Without one, you will struggle to see any hope of creating a thriving online business.

Why is email so powerful?

It is personal – Let me ask you this would you rather feel connected if someone just blogs about a topic you like or would feel connected if you received an email from the blogger about the topic you are interested in?

You own the email list – You may have thousands of followers or even Facebook pages with thousands of fans, the truth is that although it is great you do not own it and that can be taken away from you at any notice.  With an email list it is your database and it is yours to with what you want.

With over 7 billion people in the world it is projected that the end of 2017 will see 3.7 billion email users worlwide. There is opportunity.

Why every business needs an email list

Probably the most important reason is automation.

When you can automate your sales process in your type of business and mine. For example let say you create a follow up sequence for 30 days that offers value and then pitches a product.

Sounds great but what if you had to do that manually for every customer that you had. You can see that the hours will rack up pretty quickly.

Even after the sequence you can follow up with them. How many times has your local store followed up with you after you made a purchase?……”crickets”…exactly never. You go in, you buy your groceries and leave.
With email however you always have that customer on your database so when they do purchase from you they become buyers and you can follow up with them for upgrades or future promotions.

How to kickstart your list building efforts

I get this question asked all the time on how to build an email list and it starts with one simple process.

Ask people to join your list.

Hit up social media, join groups, follow people. Tell people what it is you are about and what your message is about and get them to join your email list.

Offer them a freebie to signup and once they signup offer them another freebie if they share your optin form. That is viral list building.

Get on the forums where you audience are hiding and start answering questions people are asking, soon you will be the expert and people will click your signature and then join your list.

Why? Because they trust you.


It is without a shadow of a doubt that email is the best way to grow your business to unimaginable heights. Building your list and nurture that list  is the most important online thing yo can do for your business.

Building your list is a never-ending process .

Now go make it happen. Start building your mailing list right now.



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