Why Social Media is Important for Your Online Business?

From 2005 to 2016, the Internet has more than 3.5 billion users, and each user has an average of 7 social media accounts. Judging by the numbers, your online business can take a great deal of advantage from the popularity of social websites.


Emails and blogs were probably the only effective online marketing mediums in the old days when online business was just starting to get popular. Since the inceptions of social media, the old-fashioned marketing methods such as TV ads, newspapers, and even email marketing appear to be obsolete, for good reasons. People access social websites to get updates on many things including but not limited to news, products, and entertainments. With billions of people accessing social media on daily basis (and probably multiple times on a single day), your online business has real chance of thriving if you use social media as marketing tools. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn,Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, and a whole bunch of similar services offer big opportunities for your business to:

  • Increase brand awareness: unlike business websites and even personal blogs, social media bring the chance to have conversation and discussion with potential customers in more casual manner. It does not even take long to build large network of friends or followers on social media. One of the best things about Facebook or Twitter is that each of your friends or followers probably also has a network consisting of hundreds if not thousands of users as well. The effects of word-of-mouth marketing by clicking the “Share” button on social media have enormous potential to increase your popularity. As long as you stay active and constantly post quality informative contents, chances are great that you can build strong customer base.
  • Lower marketing cost: compared to traditional marketing methods such as newspapers or TV ads, the marketing cost on social media is almost zero. Some social website does offer premium page for business and commercial purposes, but you don’t actually have to use the service. If you do use the service, however, the results can be more rewarding.

Now that you can reduce the advertising cost, you can use the money for other aspects of the business such as improving customer service, hiring professional bookkeepers, getting professional website design, and so on.

  • Get more inbound traffic: with the help of social media networking, your inbound traffic to your actual business website is likely to increase exponentially. Every post you upload to social account comes straight to your followers’ notifications, allowing them to get updates in real time about new products, offers, coupon codes, discounts, events, etc.

With more traffic, there is better chance to convert every visitor and increase your website rank on multiple search engines at the same time.

If your business still does not have its own social media account, it is now the best time to create one. The longer you wait, the more you have to lose. Your competitors are already getting a lot of online exposures on social media, and there is no reason that you cannot do the exact same thing.

Check out this special page to learn how to use social media in your marketing efforts.

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Gladimir Pierre

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